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Business Immigration Matters
Temporary Non-Immigrant Visas

  • H-Visas

    • H-1B visas (for those in a specified professional or academic field or with special expertise who have a college degree or higher or the equivalent in work experience)

    • H-2A visas (temporary agricultural workers)

    • H-2B visas (temporary nonagricultural workers)

    • H-3 visas

  • O Visas (For those with extraordinary and exceptional abilities or achievements)

  • TN Nafta

  • P Visas

  • R Visas

  • L Visas

Green Cards for Employment-Based Immigrants

  • EB-1 (Aliens of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors or researchers, and certain multinational executives or managers)

  • EB-2 (Professionals with an advanced degree or exceptional ability in arts, sciences, or business)

  • EB-3 (Skilled workers, professionals or other workers)

  • EB-4 (Special Immigrants)

  • EB-5 (Immigrant Investors)

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