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Do-It-Youself (aka Limited) Legal Services

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Can’t afford an attorney or don’t feel like you need one?

If you are considering representing yourself for an immigration matter, a limited scope or do-it-yourself arrangement with my law firm lowers the cost of legal assistance by allowing you to choose the legal services that you need, instead of hiring an attorney to work on your entire case.

Limited scope representation is a great alternative option but is ideal for “straightforward” cases, where the applicant is likely to meet the requirements for the immigration benefit that they seek, and has no criminal, tax, family, immigration, or other issues.

How an attorney can help you with your immigration case:
  • Reviewing or preparing an immigration filing or other legal documents

  • Understanding your rights and responsibilities under relevant federal and/or state law

  • Following proper filing procedures and providing other practical advice

  • Developing a legal strategy

  • Making a limited appearance for an immigration interview

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There are grave consequences for not taking your immigration matter seriously. These consequences include deportation, inadmissibility, permanent bar to immigration relief, and processing delays. In addition, it can be expensive to hire an attorney to correct a mistake. That is why speaking to an attorney, who is dedicated to the practice of immigration law, can be helpful.

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Don't be fooled by the notion that the practice of immigration is just filling out "paperwork." Immigration forms involve legal questions with serious implications if filled out incorrectly. For this reason, it is important to have an understanding of the law and a legal strategy.

It's ok if you've decided to handle your own immigration case but be sure to take the necessary steps to truly understand your rights, responsibilities, and federal and state laws during this process.

Examples of immigration cases appropriate for limited scope representation:
  • Employment Authorizations (EAD)

  • Green Card Renewals/Replacement

  • Advance Parole/Travel Document (AP)

  • Request for Evidence (RFE)

  • Naturalizations/Military Naturalizations

  • Acquisition of Citizenship

  • Adjustment of Status (Family/Marriage-based)

  • Joint Removal of Conditions

What you can expect from my limited scope or do-it-yourself legal services:

  • A thorough consultation reviewing eligibility for the immigration benefit you seek

  • A review of your immigration filing, which includes a review for mistakes

  • A review of what to expect after filing (i.e., interview, request for evidence, processing times, when a delay is unreasonable)

  • A checklist to help you track your responsibilities during the process of your filing

  • General filing instructions and a cover letter to submit to USCIS

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