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Natural Disaster Relief for Immigrants of Colorado

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

USCIS Waives Filing Fees and Expedites Immigration Cases for Coloradans Affected by the Marshall Fire

Immigration Assistance for Marshall Fire Victims

Yesterday, Colorado US Senator Michael Bennet announced that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will waive fees related to document replacement for green cards, employment authorizations, and visas that were lost in the Marshall Fire.

Marshall fire victims might also be eligible to apply for a change of status or an extension of stay with USCIS. In certain cases, USCIS also has the discretion to excuse an untimely immigration filing and expedite requests for pending applications, such as DACA renewals for those that have lost their homes.

If you are a victim of the Marshall fire and need assistance replacing an immigration document or requesting an excuse for an untimely filing, check out this PAGE. I am also available to help those impacted by the Marshall fire and seeking immigration assistance.

ADDITIONALLY, if you are a victim of the Marshall fire and you have lost other important documents, such as military records, passports, and Medicare or social security cards, you can contact Bennet’s office for help with getting these documents replaced.

FURTHER ASSISTANCE is also available onsite at the Boulder County Disaster Assistance Center. Other resources, including mental health and behavioral health care, free telehealth care, insurance information, FEMA assistance, Small Business Administration (SBA) assistance, and disaster unemployment are available HERE.

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